These are not actors playing "real people" - these mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, athletes, musicians, real life heroes, inspiring stories.

DB Casting has been coordinating real people campaigns for over 10 years.

Real People casting requires legwork, networking, and personal connections. DB Casting has managed campaigns with casting teams as small as 3 and as large as 40. These campaigns are often spread across the country, requiring local casting directors and teams to be sub-contracted, vetted, and directed. DB Casting continues to develop a network.



The good people at 72 and Sunny wanted to spotlight real people entrepreneurs, visionaries, heroes. DB Casting found a series of amazing people that would be featured in the ongoing campaign. Featured here is Shezi the fashion designer and heart surgery survivor.



Gatorade wanted to feature real people in a hidden camera stunt in Los Angeles. DB Casting coordinated a great pool of unwitting (but willing and legally cleared) participants - all while keeping the big celebrity surprise a secret.



Covered California is California's Health Care Market Place. We teamed up with Campbell Ewald to develop a campaign that would feature Californians with pre-existing conditions. The big obstacle was that, following HIPAA rules, Covered California could not share any records. This put the search entirely on DB Casting. We hit the searched the entire state to find people who both had Covered California and also had pre-existing conditions.

The job was an epic challenge, but the stories were amazing and deeply human.